Fatal Attraction Deer Feed

A proprietary blend of whole grains with 12 essential vitamins & minerals plus a patented super attractant!

Looking at the shelves of your favorite outdoor store, there are without doubt a variety of deer feeds and attractants to choose from, but what is the best choice? To sum it up in four words... Stop the junk food!

Fatal Attraction is not only a super attractant, it is balanced nutrition backed by 23 years of experience and 5 years of back woods testing. It is a combination of whole grains and heat-treated protein sources to provide a balance of natural carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids to compliment a high fiber diet. We then add essential minerals and vitamins to produce strong healthy animals and amazing antler growth. No gimmick powders or pellets here. This is real feed for real results!

Available in 10lb and 20lb bags

10 and 20lb bags now include a free 1lb Field Bag inside! The convenient 1lb bag is easy to carry and perfect for refreshing your site!


  • All-weather formula
  • Whole grain ingredients, no fillers
  • Optimum protein levels for deer and elk
  • Promotes antler growth
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Flavor that keeps deer coming back!

Fatal Attraction Sugar Beet Draw

Concentrated sugar beet juice with 12 essential vitamins & minerals and a patented super attractant!

It’s a well-known fact that deer love sugar beets. We’ve concentrated all the attracting power of real sugar beets into a sweet treat that deer cannot resist. Fatal Attraction Sugar Beet Draw is like a food plot in a bottle. Deer will paw, lick, dig and chew whatever you pour it on.

In addition to the concentrated sugar beet juice, we’ve added a blend of essential minerals and vitamins. These ingredients provide quality nutrition for healthier, stronger deer with amazing antler growth.

Pour Fatal Attraction Sugar Beet Draw on stumps, logs, directly on the ground, use as a block topper or pour over corn to enhance the taste and aroma. Use in multiple locations to attract deer to your entire hunting area or near your stand to draw them in close.

Available in 1 Gal jugs


  • Made from real sugar beets
  • Promotes antler growth
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Irresistible flavor!

Fatal Attraction Trophy Mineral

12 essential vitamins & minerals plus a patented super attractant!

Have you ever wondered why certain states, even certain counties produce trophy deer year after year? The answer is right under your feet!

Deer reach their genetic potential when they have access to concentrated soils rich in essential minerals. Not only will deer frequent natural mineral licks in these areas, but the plants they consume are high in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and a host of other minerals. These soil conditions consistently produce trophy deer while areas without adequate mineral concentrations often produce bucks that never reach their genetic potential.

Fatal Attraction Trophy Mineral is specifically designed to provide essential nutrients your soil may be lacking. Plus, it contains a blend of super attractants that will keep them coming back for more. Give your deer the power to reach their genetic potential!

Real Science, Real Results.

Available in 10lb jugs


  • Promotes antler growth
  • Enhances natural minerals in the soil
  • Provides essential nutrients for strong, healthy deer

Hot Plot Spring/Fall Blend

A food plot seed blend of canola, turnips, chicory, four types of proven perennial clovers and alfalfa for great attraction and dependable nutrition!

Deer are naturally drawn to the highest quality food sources available to them. Give them what they crave with Hot Plot!

Clover and alfalfa provide high protein spring food necessary for lactating does and for early antler development in bucks. In addition to being high in protein, these legumes are also highly digestable, making them a reliable and preferred forage for deer.

Chicory offers abundant, nutritious forage that is very heat-tolerant. During summer months, when clover declines in quality, chicory remains green and palatable to keep deer coming to your Hot Plot.

Canola and turnips become more attractive to deer in the fall. Deer may leave these brassicas alone during warmer months, but will be drawn to the sweet treats when temperatures drop, causing sugar content and palatability to increase. After the first frost, they become most desirable and deer may paw and dig at them even when covered in snow!

Available in 5.5lb jugs


  • A unique combination of canola, turnips, chicory, clovers & alfalfa
  • Easy to plant & suitable for both warm and cool seasons
  • Provides year-round nutrition for a strong, healthy herd

Fatal Attraction Hat

Show your love for Fatal Attraction and be the envy of your hunting buddies with a Fatal Attraction hat!

A black brushed cotton, mid-profile cap with a pre-curved visor. Mossy Oak Break-Up® trim on the rim and underside of the visor as well as on the adjustable velcro strap.

Embroidered with the Fatal Attraction logo on the front and right side to add a touch of style. Looks great in and out of the woods!

One size fits all


Fatal Attraction

Men's Long Sleeve Shirt

Show your love for Fatal Attraction and be the envy of your hunting buddies with a Fatal Attraction shirt!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Available in M, L, XL, XXL